What miraculously changes in Humans and the Universe before Sunrise? Spiritual and scientific benefits of waking up before Dawn

Rishika Dange
4 min readDec 7, 2020

Physical ailments, emotional imbalances, mental health issues are drastically increasing especially in humans. This is mostly because we are becoming addictive of the artificial supplements that we keep ourselves surrounded with. Leaving phones, laptops or earphones aside for even a few minutes has become one heck of a big task for most of us now. People hardly have any time to sit under the morning sun, take in the warmth of those rays penetrating the body or gaze at the moon and feel the breezing winds. And the fact that we are becoming way to casual with this artificial lifestyle is not at all a positive sign.

It’s mostly the work schedule or inappropriate routine habits that become the leading cause for people eating unhealthy food that too at the wrong intervals, sleeping at odd times and thereby feeling stressful, irritated and tired all through the day.

We have completely lost the awareness about how to keep ourselves in sync with the nature. We are a product of the numerous forces governing the universe. We are a consequence of a phenomenal cosmic happening. Everything in the universe is interrelated. Most of the birds wake up between 3 to 4 am every morning. They also begin chirping at this hour which is mostly referred as the dawn chorus. They manage to wake up almost at the same time every single morning without any alarm clock. It is so because their bodies are in perfect sync with the rhythm of life. They are in rhythm with the universe.

Humans on the other hand, have gone completely dysfunctional and disorganized when viewed from the nature’s perspective, in this modern era. However, there is something magical about how the human system works, which if understood and implemented correctly, can do wonders. What I am about to discuss now is something close to supernatural as the experiences attached to it, aren’t less than any miracle.

Coming straight to the point, our sleep-wake cycle is not just a result of the body clock that we get accustomed to, by the virtue of our daily routine and schedule, it’s a strong connection that the human body establishes with the cosmos and the planetary alignments. Yes it’s our sleeping pattern that I was referring to as something magical. This might sound way too ordinary as the experience of sleeping is not new to any one of us. But there is a bigger picture to it that most of us are missing out.

A very fundamental reality of your existence changes its form during the pre-dawn hours. “Creators Hours” is what this time interval has been called in almost all the religious scriptures. The way our planet is rotating and revolving around the Sun, a very cosmic phenomenal change happens in the universe during the 96 minutes before dawn. Our human system is not just connected to this cosmic activity, but also functions extraordinary during this interval. And therefore, it’s extremely important to have an awareness about how to make use of this time in the most efficient manner.

Both modern as well ancient scientific knowledge has claimed the importance of this time. Let’s understand what exactly happens in the universe during this time that makes it so significant.

Cosmic Significance

If I have to use the language of technology, I would say our brain is the most powerful radio transmitter and receiver. It keeps emitting and receiving signals with an enormous efficiency. These signals are nothing but your thoughts. During the pre dawn hours, the thoughts that your brain releases have a twice the impact on the universe as compared to the day time. The cosmic energy is extremely high during the pre dawn interval. And so, whatever you think during this time has maximum chances of manifesting into reality.



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