What will the End of the World and Universe?

Rishika Dange
2 min readSep 25, 2020

The novel Corona virus has scared mankind beyond limits and has imposed a threatening question on all.. is this our end? Well, its not certain if corona virus is the first step towards our end. But how the world is going to die is very certain now by the virtue of science and technology.

We all grow by the virtue of time. Since the last year I have moved a year ahead and so have we all. We move forward with respect to time. But have we ever wondered that time must be having a life span too? Everything in this universe has a beginning and is destined with a death. Our sun is half way through its life. Time is no exception. Do we ever think that time too can get exhausted just like the other entities in the universe? Let’s take a journey to the end of time and explore a possible and probable fate of us, the world and the universe..!

The universe has just begun. And what we do now will profoundly affect the next thousands of years. Our planet is constantly turning. It’s constantly changing. Everything is continuously moving. The earth you are living in right now at this moment wasn’t the same as the one it was when you started reading this few seconds ago. We are subject to change and motion each micro second. And time is witnessing this change gracefully all through its life. Let’s age with the universe from the eyes of time.

Few thousand years from now:

Earth’s magnetic field flips. The north pole no longer is in the north. There is a drastic sea level rise. A 30 meter asteroid impacts the planet. Antarctica is now turned to fumes and ashes. Sahara desert turns tropical. Glaciers have disappeared. Massive volcanic eruptions take place. All the island chains on the planet are displaced.

After one million years:

The Apollo footprints on the moon disappear.. Read more



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